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We do our best in order for (Engaz) Company to become a leading international company in providing translation and scientific research services by 2025 , through our constant endeavor to apply the highest standards of quality, professionalism and the ability of innovation. Moreover, we have a qualified team of translators, researchers relying on their proficiency in the company to reach what it aspires to.

Conveying sciences, arts and literature among different languages, simplifying science and providing educational services, since we take into account the quality, accuracy of work, speed of implementation, punctuality and the application of global standards in light of the highest scientific levels, within the scope of strict confidentiality through translators and researchers at the highest level of efficiency.

Languages are bridges of communication among nations; multiple languages and different tongues may prevent this communication. Therefore, we, in Engaz, undertake the mission of overcoming linguistic difficulties in order to bring about effective and fruitful communication among nations and a creative convergence among cultures. In order to reach this major goal, we provide you with our services by an innovative methodology through which we aim to achieve the following:

• Conveying meanings through experts.
• Innovating linguistic solutions to overcome formulation problems
• Achieving effective communication to which language may be a barrier.
• In-depth study of terminology and find their verbal equivalent.

• Our clients’ happiness and satisfaction.
• Quality, creativity and excellence.
• Efficiency and effectiveness.
• Teamwork.
• Professionalism at work.
• Competitive price.
• Credibility in dealing with clients.
• Evidence-based approach.
• Transparency.
• Continuous improvement and development.

Translation and scientific research are of intellectual activities that require high-level efficiencies and experiences in order for the translation to be clear and understandable and reflect the scientific meaning intended in the original text. Therefore, the translation and scientific research require experience, understanding and specialization in the same field. In order for scientific research to be unique in its field and productive in its subject matter, with Engaz belief in that, Engaz has been keen from the very beginning to attract the finest qualified personnel in various disciplines of translation and scientific research, in order to establish a work team for Engaz Company. It has launched its website on the Internet, through which will it will work to achieve the following objectives:

• Removing language barriers among nations by keeping pace with the increasing demand for translation in various fields.
• Disseminating cognitive content in the fields of translation, their tools, and formulation challenges, and developing solutions to the difficulties the translator faces.
• Providing a reliable resource of scientific information in Arabic.
• Exploring modern horizons in the translation world, and raising awareness of its significance in all fields.
• Informing our dear Arab children and students about the latest findings in sciences to help them get through new and modern fields.
• Keeping pace with the scientific and technical development through publishing the latest modern technical research.
• Raising awareness of translation techniques by spreading educational and training content appropriate for all levels.

Engaz is a translation and scientific research company certified by 49 international embassies, and established in 2015. We work to provide translation services in all fields. Moreover, we help students and researchers of various scientific disciplines and Arab countries to complete their work on time and with high quality. We have helped many clients to translate many files into more than 30 languages on time. Thesis papers and research services include all the solutions that students and academics need on an ongoing basis and impede them of graduating or obtaining a degree. We always extend a hand to complete all student and research tasks on time and at a high level of scientific and academic criteria. Whatever stage you are at, one of the solutions, we and our professional researchers provide, can help you. As for translation services, we provide them by a robust methodology throughout successive stages, through which files range among preparation, translation, technical review, linguistic review, editing and coordination. All of that is to ensure that your files will be translated in the highest quality, and in the best possible way.

The company also seeks to provide its services very efficiently, since we always strive to apply the highest quality standards in translation and scientific research, in addition to the element of commitment in deal.

About Us

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he establishment of a specialized center in all fields of translation and various scientific researches, whose idea came from the urgent need for translation and scientific research and enrich the Arabic library with fertile sources covering all branches of science to facilitate researchers so that they find their efforts easily and easily away from the hardship and hardship. The Center started its activity by translating many scientific news and various topics and putting various researches in all fields.

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