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 The openness that the world has recently witnessed, helped companies expand the scope of work outside the country, and get targeted clients from various countries in the world, which, day after day,  makes the imperative need for “ Translation Offices” get increased for assisting companies in translating their business papers, documents, and services that they provide professionally, through the correct and appropriate translation of various cultures, which results in the clients’ turnout for the company’s services and their attempts to earn the trust.

The benefit to your business out of translation services:

Enhancing credibility:

The field of business needs enhancing credibility with your clients; therefore, you need to get the services of translation in more than one language, because in this way, you will be giving the clients’ trust to your company; in addition, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

Scaling up and expanding potentials: 

It helps you greatly scale up and expand the scope of your business through translating the services you have, and their clarity to the new clients.

Improving communication:

Indeed, keeping translation services within reach in your company is just a great way for you to improve public communication whether within the company or with other different ones. Moreover, it enables you to take a deeper look into what your clients are interested in or care for; besides the best possible population segment of your potential clients in various countries.

Translation services in “ENGAZ”, a translation office:

Website Translation:

“Engaz” provides the translation of websites in an integrated manner, so that it could be appropriate to the various cultures and languages in addition to expanding in the Global Market. We have translators who are specialized in the translation of websites in order to translate whatever “content, options or menus” are included in.

 On websites, we translate these areas represented in “the translation of the promotional, scholarly, recreation, educational, medical, and religious sites.”

The service of “Localization”:

 We provide the adaption of your website on a market or elsewhere in terms of culture, language, design, and growth-promoting, in addition to the localization of other webs such as applications, gaming, video websites, and other digital platforms”.

 In addition to many other services, we have legal translation, economic and financial translation, literary translation, marketing translation, and press and media translation.

The benefits of dealing with “ENGAZ” an Office specialized in Translation:

Teamwork Resiliency:

Engaz teamwork is distinguished with being flexible in dealing with clients, adhering to the client’s delivery deadlines, and committing to a schedule on which the work progress proceeds, as well as the accuracy of the required service, and providing the client with the opportunity to put forward some notes and work on adjusting them, as he/she sees appropriate.

Moreover, the Customer Service Team we have is available seven days a week in order to answer all of your queries and questions and to help complete your work as soon as possible.

Strict confidentiality:

We provide strict confidentiality with all guarantees in all our transactions so that the client can ensure that his /her privacy and documents are protected, and it is possible to sign confidentiality agreements between the translator and the client if he/she wanted.

Mastering more than 20 languages:

 We have a large elite of translators who master more than 20 different languages, with quality assurance for all the services that are provided in many languages and areas. They are qualified for that and surely they will help you expand your scope to reach around the whole world professionally and according to the standards of each language.

Competitive rates:

“Engaz” which is a certified translation office in Riyadh, provides you with the best offers at competitive rates on all the services we provide while accounting on quality, and mastery at work.


 Translation is not just a change of a word from one language to another, but both the contextual and cultural aspects of the text to be translated should be taken into consideration. Engaz indeed is established on that basis of translation; furthermore, it depends on specialized and professional translators to ensure that you get the translation you want as completely as possible and at the highest level of quality.

Enjaz Translation is the best translation office in Saudi Arabia. We ensure that our specialists are native speakers and target language experts whether in linguistics or more diverse fields; our experts ensure the quality of their translation, given their experience in various areas of the specialization, by different quality standards as well. We provide our translation projects to ensure a service consistent with the client’s expectations, indeed our relationship with the client does not end when the final work is delivered, but rather we remain side by side with our clients until they are fully satisfied with our work.

 Why Enjaz is the best translation office in the Kingdom?

All of our services value excellence. We have a firm pledge that the translation process must be done by punctual and experienced professionals, who aim to satisfy our clients in the first place. Among the benefits of contracting with our company for translation are: We have the best translators; we provide a high-level service at competitive rates; deadlines are determined according to the needs; and we provide professionals who can meet requests of different areas of knowledge, as well as:


 As mentioned above, the translation market offers several options for translation offices; however, to help you make the proper decision, please make sure that the translation office:



We provide online certified translation, along with sending the documents to you with high-quality translation, and you can pay via PayPal، Accept, Masary, Cash Collector, or MasterCard.  Most of our translators are certified; hence we can provide a certified and sworn translation.

 Professional translation: Our translators master their mother tongue fluently and slang expressions, so they can deal with any complex documents, technical manuals, legal documents, or non-official material. Whatever your requirements are, we speak in the language of your clients.

 As a leading translation agency, we are proud of hiring only international translation experts, who speak their native language daily and are immersed in the current expressions and latest business language.


Financial Translation

We are one of the best financial translation companies, translating hundreds of millions of words, and a qualified financial translation team who masters the financial language and work exclusively in the financial market.

Company Translation

Translation of a company’s documents, contracts, brochures, bids, technical and commercial offers, websites, etc. that are translated by a team specialized in the business of national and international companies. 

Simultaneous interpretation

We offer a complete interpretation solution, provide both the latest interpreters and translation tools for conferences, and we have hosted thousands of successful interpretation companies’ events.

Our team possesses profound legal knowledge, and it consists of former and professional attorneys that are well acquainted with the field and provide a reliable and accurate translation of contracts, bids, opinions, among others.

Technical Translation

With our team of translators and proofreaders for technical files (engineers), we translate brochures, technical articles, technical presentations, patents, among others, in the fields of civil, food, electrical, electronic, mechanical, metallurgical, and chemical engineering.

Sworn Translation

A sworn translation team is prepared to translate official, legal, and commercial documents in several languages, we are well-known for fulfilling very strict deadlines and we are ready to carry out sworn translations for your company, especially, contracts, bids, records, reports, balance sheets, etc.

Document Translation

We translate any type of documents in any language, the internal translation team is complemented by an elite of professionals who provide the technical and linguistic skills to hand over the work in the agreed deadlines. We adopt a fixed methodology to control the project, we also were one of the first companies to receive the Quality Certificate according to the quality standard.

Business and Marketing Translation

Communication means that supporting the brand is critical to its success, not only reaching customers is important, but also dealing with them in a language they can understand, whether through press releases, trade flyers, brochures, advertisements, the different disciplines that produce the content want the message to be clear, achieves its purpose, therefore, we ensure that the message will not lose its effectiveness or change its meaning.

Scientific Translation

Over the past years, we have created several glossaries to be used in order to ensure the accuracy and firmness of our clients’ translations. We work with translators who specialize in specific fields with assuring the clarity, objectivity, and use of appropriate vocabularies.

Software and Apps Translation

Computer Apps, Apps, and games have properties and limitations on the text size that require a special process in the translation into other languages. We have qualified professionals with experience in translating these media.

Certified Translation

We are certified by official bodies as translators of documents that require legal authentication, we translate commercial contracts, deeds, certificates, records, courts decisions, and other official documents with the utmost precision and rigor.

Authentication of official documents

We work with the public administration, embassies, and consulates, our knowledge of bureaucratic departments and their waiting times allows our clients to better predict times, consequently, ensuring compliance with legal or contractual deadlines.

Web and Social Media Translation

Our clients take web and social media translation seriously, so they ask for the same accuracy that they use in conventional media, our team uses the same process, methods, and glossaries to provide translations that will make a difference quickly, which helps create value and reputation of the brand.

Translation of movie or video scripts (dubbing, voiceover, and subtitling)

Translation of these means, away from being in writing, lies under the conditions of its application in the future, several factors must be taken into consideration in order to provide a flawless result that disturbs the audience and distracts them from the message being conveyed. Our specialists had special training and extensive experience in subtitling and dubbing, consequently, we ensure obtaining a final result that matches the originals.


 With Enjaz Professional Translation Services, you will receive a professional translation for documents, our professional office and customer service team are available 24/7 to help you with any questions about translation. Your text will be translated by one of our translators who are specialized in academic, legal, medical, and other areas, to provide the best possible professional translation service. We adopt strict procedures to control quality as part of every document translation process.

 Our translation team consists of experts whose mission is to provide distinctive online translation on your own terms. If you have any questions about your document translation, before or after the process, the team is available via chat, email, or phone. Save time by translating your documents online by a network of specialized translators in one of the best translation offices in the Kingdom.

 Nowadays, all daily transactions require a translation office to translate all texts, documents, and agreements that most of your businesses need with the purpose of scientific and cultural exchange since the human being has figured out the importance of translation whose significant role can’t be ignored since the ancient times; hence contributing to creating interactive relations between different countries. Therefore, the need for translation offices has become an absolute necessity regarding the companies’ and individuals’ dealing with them to help them open up to the outside world without any effort or trouble; they do have expertise in translating all texts without changing them.

Functions done by Engaz Translators

Types of translation:

First: Certified Translation:

This type of translation includes translating papers, documents, and certificates from one language to another. The translation shall be certified by the Official Institutions and Agencies to whom these papers and documents are submitted, by the notarization and sealing of that translation and acknowledging its validation and conformity to the original text; furthermore, each country sets different conditions than the other to certify the translation in its departments and institutions then it could be used in the formal proceedings.

 Engaz provides many services in certified translation such as documents, visas, commercial agreements, criminal certificates, medical reports, employment contracts, marriage contracts, contracts, acknowledgments, birth certificates, identity cards, title deeds, bank statements, and articles of association.

Stages of Certified Translation in Engaz:

Secondly, Specialized Translation:

This type of translation specializes in translating the texts and content related to various areas needed by all students, researchers, companies, institutions to get a translation in all their specializations professionally.  

In addition, Engaz has an elite of highly-competent professionals in this area, who have extensive cognitive expertise, and who are constantly updated with various disciplines of the area to be translated and are acquainted with this area’s specializations and terminologies included. This is for ensuring an accurate translation in all specialized areas.

Engaz provides this service in the following fields: legal, financial and economic, literary, technical, tourism and promotional, and press and media translation.


 After the diffusion of technology, translation helps bring the world together and bridge the gap that existed between its countries; and helps in good communication among peoples, right understanding of the language related to each party, and exchanging cultures and civilization.

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The Optimal Promotion research papers in "Engaz" of Riyadh
The Optimal Promotion research papers in “Engaz” of Riyadh

 Promotion research papers are regarded as an entitlement of what the researcher does in order to get the professorship degree in his area of specialization. Furthermore, it is considered one of the most prestigious scientific research papers, as it is the most one that is distinguished with accuracy in terms of its method of preparation. Considering that, it needs honesty, and high quality in the way of its preparation, therefore, plenty of people need companies that have experience in systematically preparing promotion research papers that are free of spelling and grammar mistakes to be appropriate of what he presents of scientific research.

The methodological steps followed in “Engaz” for writing a promotion research paper:

The research should be divided as follows:

The Research Introduction:

Through which the research gives a clear overview about the topic he is addressing in his research, this is in order to help the reader to better understand the objective of the study thought addressing this idea, in addition to the introduction serves to highlight the prospective research results (research findings) that the study will explain thereafter.

Study Objectives:

They are the objectives that the researcher is going to achieve in his research. They are also the key points for conducting research experiments and analyzing data, in addition to they vary according to the variation of the area of specialization, the research problem, and its hypotheses.

Research Problem:

The research problems should be based on addressing a new idea or developing an idea already discussed, it also should not be a general idea so that is difficult to control it. Moreover, it is necessary to define the problem and its milestones seeking to know the extent of its response and achievement in practice.


One of the researcher’s duties is to perfectly study the hypotheses and clarify them by formulating them in a way that is consistent with his extensive knowledge experience. Since the hypotheses are considered the expectations for solving the study problem, furthermore the hypotheses require proofs and evidence to make sure of their authenticity and correctness.


The researcher should use the appropriate scientific method for the nature of the topic of the research study, he should also choose the experimental method in order to address the topic in a scientific way, knowing that scientifically studying the topic requires either the experimental method or descriptive method and the analytical approach to study the problem in an in-depth method.

Research Tools:

Writing research requires tools, these tools contribute to the process of collecting data, analyzing it, and finding the results. It is necessary to know the features of each tool, its strengths, and its weaknesses. furthermore, these tools are represented in the “questionnaire, interview, and test”.

Research Results:

The results that are found in the conclusion of the research study to ensure the authenticity of the research hypotheses include the variables and previous studies. Furthermore, the research results help to the extent of their adaptation with the culture of the country in which the study is addressed and its application to its society. The results should be clearly written and it is necessary to make sure of their authenticity.


It is a collection of final solutions from the researcher’s point of view and his experience in the research study. Furthermore, it is the suggestions that the researcher presents and asks for applying them in solving the problem of the research.


It is a set of citations that the researcher looked forward to in the same topic and helped him in his research. Furthermore, the citation of the references and sources contribute to the appearance of the date publication of the scientific reference in order to the knowledge of the researcher to advanced and appropriate references to his research topic then use it.

The Features that should be provided in promotion research papers:

Why” Engaz” for promotion research service?

Criteria of promotion research papers:


Promotion research papers play a significant role in adding new information to the area of specialization in which the researcher made a study. Moreover, the development that the research’s going to add in this field in order to be expert in his subjects, specialization and in order to obtain a professorship. The professorship is considered the right of each employee who seeks it to demonstrate his competence and the scientific ability that qualifies him for this position. In order for his promotion research to be admired by his supervisors, the researcher should perfectly prepare it. ”Engaz” helps the researchers in preparing their promotion research in a manner appropriate to them and their scientific experienc

 It’s common that translating legal documents require legal specialists, as they contain many legal concepts which are not used in regular life and are considered to be unfamiliar to many translators. The importance of properly conveying the meaning, not just the words, of these concepts is essential as legal implications are derived from them, therefore seeking a legal translation office is the perfect solution for your translation.

Is mastering a language only enough to translate legal texts?

Often, translating legal texts has different implications in other countries, therefore they must be translated while taking into account the difference of cultures and legal concepts between countries. After stating that, we can conclude that it is not enough for the translator to be linguistically capable only while translating a legal document, but he/she must, also, have prior knowledge of both legal systems (the legal systems of the countries of the source and target language) to translate the document correctly and not make any mistakes that could result in legal consequences.

Who can be a legal translator?

There are many theories to answer this question, some think that the key factor for being a legal translator is to have solid translation background complemented by knowledge of legal systems, while others think that the most suitable candidate for this type of translation is a lawyer fluent in other languages. We beg to differ with both sides; we think that the “perfect” legal translator is someone who has extensive training in translation and law, allowing him to be a legal translator.

What training should a legal translator have?

As a professional translation office, we have a set of rules that we don’t break when choosing specialized translators, which include having a solid background in translation and law by taking specialized courses. We, also, think that it is preferred for a translator to specialize in specific fields of law to guarantee work quality, due to the complex concepts that could act as an obstacle between the translator and achieving the work quality.

What are the documents that require a specialized translation office?

Any document provided by governmental agencies, in addition to a decent number of financial documents that rather contain many legal concepts, which requires a specialized legal translator. Some of these documents include:

Translating Terms and Conditions:

The terms of service are standard legal documents that determine the rules of your work, service, or your promotion for using websites. No websites or services are introduced without these terms and conditions, as they can make the website function smoothly. The terms and conditions must not only be translated but must be changed in accordance with the societal and legal laws of the country in which the site is launched. There might be complex repercussions for your business if the translation is done incorrectly, therefore our translators are always ready to help you in translating your work, putting it on the right track.

Translating Contracts:

Our team of specialized translators provides certified translation for contracts and legal agreements to be provided to legal agencies around the world; we can, also, translate legal documents and contracts for companies, law firms, and individuals.

Translating Patents:

We provide translations for patents that are ready for registration for intellectual property applications worldwide. All our translators who are specialized in this type of translation are knowledgeable of the technical language required for international patent offices. The translators tasked with translating patents have vast experience in this field, and they are chosen according to their educational qualifications.

Translating Intellectual Property (IP):

Protecting your intellectual property worldwide became easier than ever with our IP translation services, our expert team ensures your intellectual property rights are protected in every country that requires it.

Translating Licenses:

Licensing agreements are essential as they determine the rights of the licensor and the licensee. If you would like to have a translated licensing agreement, then it’s necessary to choose the right legal translation service that can complete this task with high efficiency, as legal translation is considered to be the best option when it comes to translating licensing agreements. Legal translation services provide reliable and accurate translation for licensing agreements at reasonable prices.

Translating tax documents:

Tax documents are very essential not only for companies but also for individuals. Individuals who submit immigration applications are asked to provide some legal documents so the immigration agency can view their records and their previous IDs. Legal tax documents are very essential, as they are considered to be evidence that the individual was regularly paying his taxes and that all the dues have been paid. Other than individuals, the companies that would like to expand in foreign countries must have proper legal tax documents for immigration and business expansion. The translation of these documents must be very accurate, therefore it will require an experienced legal translation service provider in this field. Engaz is the best translation office in Riyad when it comes to legal translation, Engaz is the best option for anyone seeking legal translation, as they have experienced translators in the tax field who are knowledgeable of how to translate these types of documents.

The importance of seeking a professional translation office?

Firstly, you require specialized legal translators who are experienced in handling these types of projects, you, also, require professional linguists who have vast knowledge in the legal field and the specialized terms used in each language or target market. The less clear your documents are, the higher the risk of losing the intended meaning in translation, and you don’t want your terms and conditions to be considered null and void because the translation is not clear enough.

Take the digital age we are in as an example, every company is required to have its terms and conditions, privacy policy, and systems to ensure that it’s legally compliant in every market it works in. As for trademarks that are related to foreign markets, potential customers need access to necessary legal information.  Furthermore, employees need to access translated legal information to ensure that they know how legal compliance differs from one market to another.

Legal translation focuses on presenting that content to the right places, using the right language – whether that means documenting customers’ rights, as is always the case legal translation requires the appropriate tools to make the translation process as fast as possible while maintaining 100% accuracy and consistency on every project.

Why Engaz office to obtain Legal Translation?

 The staff of professional Linguists:

We have several professional Linguists who have more than 6 years of experience, they present professional legal language solutions to several government sectors and other international companies. We are proud of ourselves for providing accurate language support in more than 30 languages. We are always looking for translation professionals through the Strict process of auditing.  Therefore, we ensure that we only work with the most qualified, reliable, and trustworthy professional Linguists.

Strict Quality Assurance:

We have our own integrated quality assurance system to ensure presenting the best results, every single time the assigned project manager will review the final product, moreover, he ensures that translation staff implements and maintain customer-specific requirements.

Data security and confidentiality

We understand and are aware of the sensitivity of the data we deal with, in addition, we know the importance of protecting confidential information. It is an integral part of the work we do. At Engaz Office, we follow the latest security practices to ensure compliance with privacy protection legislation, moreover, we are keen on protecting the interests of our customers.

Translations are available when and where you need them

Normal working hours are non-existent in our world, which means we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7), we invest in the latest technology and best practices in order to improve efficiency.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline for the translation.

If your business requires specialized legal translation services, please contact our customer service team and they will be able to guide you through the whole process.

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